I'm a graduated painter and traveling tattoo artist from Amsterdam. To visually create is my lifelong passion. I studied Fine Art as a bachelor's, have a pre-master certificate and a Master’s degree in Art Culture and Society at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and studied classical realist art at the Florence Academy of ArtAlong with tattooing I work mostly with pencils, oil colors and silk screen from time to time. 


My goal is to create a unique and custom piece of art on a person's skin or canvas. One of the things I love about tattooing is being able to translate someone's thoughts into an image and eventually into tattoo ink. I love to experiment with different styles and prefer to customise tattoo requests to personalized original artworks. For larger tattoos I recommend a consultation prior to the tattoo session to work together for the best result. Tattoos are charged by an hour rate, please contact me with your idea (style, placement and approximate size) for a price estimate and appointment.

I am currently based in Amsterdam, but have also lived in Spain, Australia and Italy. I now use those experiences of culture in my paintings. I love combining bright colors, patterns, classical symbolism and modern day iconography. I want to explore the boundary between timeless content and temporary movements or imagery. This can take form in placing a religious Icon in a modern context, or using detailed oil painting alongside crudely painted brushstrokes. I love experimenting with different media and have noticed my experience in tattooing has influenced my artworks in a notable sense. It has greatly increased my attention to detail en overal ‘readability’ of a work. What I hope to achieve is to spark thought, wonder and beauty through my art. 

If you're curious about my works, stay posted through my website or social media. 


“The craft and execution of a work, be it a tattoo or a painting, matter to me. I always strive to improve my technical skills” 

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